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LTR-3 Smart Loadcell Transmitter

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LTr-3 is a smart Din-Rail signal converter for loadcell applications. Thans to its smal 6mm dimensions, it can fit all type of indsutrial applications. Stable and fast measuring fetures helps to adopt data from the sensor. Easy configuration via USB is also makes it faster setup. RS232/485 and Analog options can be chosen.
Updating device firmware can also be done via USB connectionile kolay parametre değiştirme, ayarlama ve kalibrasyon işlemleri yanısıra yazılım güncellemesi de yapılabilinir.


  • 6mm Din Rail Connection
  • Standard Loadcell Compatible
  • e-Cal, Calibration without loading via commands
  • Easy setup and calibration via USB connection
  • Power, Status and communication LEDs
  • Fast and stable measurements
  • gLOGIC Samrt Filering technology
  • Modbus ASCII/RTU
  • Optional digital output
  • Optional PT100-PT1000 temperature sensor
  • 0/10V - 4/20mA Analog Output for PLC units
pdf LTR3 Brochure 
pdf LTR3 User Manual
pdf LTR3 Quick Manual
pdf LTR-3 USB Software Upgrade
pdf Upgrading Software
pdf LTR-3 USB Driver

Technical Specifications


Status LEDs
5pcs status leds
Digital Inputs
Digital Outputs

A/D Converter

Minimum Input 0.02uV/Division
Loadcell Input
350-1000 Ohm  (Maximum 10 Loadcells)
Internal Resolution
24bits / 16.000.000
Measurement Speed
3840 samples/second
Loadcell Excitation


Calibration Type
Load Calibration or Digital e-CAL calibration.


Digital Outputs Internal 1pcs TTL / Optional 2pcs TTL Outputs (100mA)
Digital Inputs Optional 2pcs digital inputs (5-24V)
Analog Inputs Optional 2channel 0-10V or 4-20mA input
Analog Outputs
1channel 12bits 0-10V voltage and 4/20mA current output (16bits on request)


Serial Output1
RS232 or RS485 communcation (Modbus RTU/ASCII, 1200-115200bps)
Serial Output2
Optional RS485 output

Working Conditions

Supply / Power 24Vdc (+/- % 10) / 5W maximum (Optional 6V-9V-12V supply voltages)
Din-Rail Type Plastic Enclosure
Working Temperature
Dimensions 93 x 102 x 6mm
Protection Clas IP54