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Conditions of Use and Legal Terms

Please read this agreement carefully before your access to the Site or your use of the site. But to access the site or use the site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated below. If you do not want to be bound by these terms and conditions, you can access the site or use the site and must stop immediately if you begin to use such a use.

This contract, e-Tarti may change at any time and those changes will take effect immediately put into the site by the changed contract. Periodically reviewing your usage agreement and agree that your continued access to the website or ongoing site visitors as amended agreement to be aware of these changes will mean that you accept as conclusive.

Trademarks, Intellectual Property, Copyright

All rights of the website www.etarti.com or www.e-tarti.com belongs to e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems. The content published on this website (for example, software, products, logos, trademarks, etc., information, reports, images and graphics) is protected by national and international laws and international conventions.

Products in web site visitors information of any database, picture, text, icons, audio and visual VESA's images, video clips, files, website, software, HTML code and other codes, etc. design, catalogs and lists partially or completely replicates not, to copy, to distribute, to processing, online or to send the other methods by using, should both with these actions in other ways, e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems directly and / or indirectly that is agreed and committed to compete.

All kinds of information and material contained in this site; The entire site or portion of a revised, adding or changing a part of making e-Tarti Industrial Weighing System used in a different manner without written permission. 3. registered trademarks belonging to other persons or institutions in the statements contained in the Site, services, logos and so on. warning and brackets, can not be removed from the site when it was quoted. Terms of Replacement e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems without showing any reason and without prior notice before or after this change the conditions of use are subject to additional or replacement at no.

Relating to Third Party Granted Access to Sites; www.etarti.com it can be direct or indirect links to other sites on the site. The purpose of this connection is to provide information. The user's e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems is the source of the links on the site because it has no control, show the etarti.com the links to their websites or resources is not responsible for the accessibility and web sites and on resources, or any content that can be derived from these ad agrees that being responsible products, or other material. The user can also etarti.com of any such website or any content which can be obtained on the source or by these goods or services to relying on or by them or cause in connection with the use of them owned or claimed to be caused any damage or loss She agrees to be responsible directly or indirectly.


As far as permitted by applicable law, e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems, including merchantability or warranties indirectly covered fitness for a particular purpose, but with them to not be limited to, open or reject the warranty indirectly, of any kind. to be free from the functions contained in the www.etarti.com content without interruption or error, corrected will or forum areas troubled side, forms and other applications and including them accessible makes the service unit does not warrant that this site, viruses or be free of other harmful elements. e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems, on this website or use a third-party site or use of the materials results, accuracy, precision, timeliness ness, does not give any warranty of reliability or any other aspect. You can use this service only, necessary maintenance, repair or correction assume all of the costs you will agree from the start.

About User Information

www.etarti.com on its site; section that will fill the demand of users and to other types of forms are located. This section of the user during filling of profanity, threats, provocation, using offensive words and illegal content, and there is no harm to people's legal rights and personal rights. Otherwise, all responsibility belongs to the user, e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems has no responsibility. It is also used as examples of prohibited use of this form of copying or for the purpose of re-manufactured. Users of selling a product or service using these pages, and there is no commercial advertising do not have rights in similar commercial behavior.

Rights and Responsibilities

www.etarti.com content on the site and are constantly checked and updated. However, www.etarti.com own e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems site be liable for any errors in the content information and typography, page can make all kinds of changes and improvements at any moment. Having no knowledge of the site because of the errors that may arise from these changes can not be the responsibility of the e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems. all use and content rights www.etarti.com reserved. All rights of this site belong to the owner of the company e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems. Unauthorized use is prohibited by law. Transmission, servers, software, etc. momentary interruption of service of any kind caused as a resource, in cases such as stopping a certain time or long-term given Amasa e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems held responsible. e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems Although this may be insufficient to eliminate the removal of the necessary effort and disruption of the middle and held responsible for these types of third party sourced mentioned and similar problems. The site is usually open for use 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems reserves the right to terminate access to this website from time to time. e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems, etarti.com to access the interruption is not liable for damages arising from the site temporarily or completely closed. Access to the site is free. The cost of access and use of telecommunications network, is the sole responsibility of site users. e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems or the remaining elements beyond the control of the user's technical environment due to the use of the Site, computer, software, network equipment held liable for any damages or other accessories.

Unlawful Obstruction of Use

Website As a condition of your use of the Services, Web Site Services is unlawful or these terms, please use for any purpose prohibited by conditions or warnings. Website Services, any etarti.co server or to harm the network connected to this server, disable, overburden or impair or a third party can not use so as to interfere with the enjoyment of the Web Site Services. Website Services, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any of any etarti.co server or Web Site Services, attacks, password via decoding or not attempt to gain access in any other manner authorized. Your web site is not intentionally made available through the Service any material or information can not file attempt to obtain or can not achieve by any means. e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems, to access fraudulently to the site meddling of the factors that distort the operation, adding data by fraud, according to the law in obtaining the added data notes that the criminal offenses.

Privacy Rights

e-Tarti Industrial Weighing Systems, to give importance to privacy rights, adheres to the following principles: We can be reached by e-mail via info@etarti.com. By sharing our contact for your name and your e-mail address, tel number who reserves the right to use them for purposes other than required to keep advertising and announcements.

Your computer's Web browser software (browser) files into the 'cookie' may place a text file called. Cookie itself does not contain personal information about you as well, with information on how to use the Site by you, knowing that the information you provide to the site, and in particular by making it possible to associate the site. If you think that a site's compliance with these principles at any time, please let us know by e-mail address, and we also solve the problem of info@etarti.com and sarfedel commercially reasonable efforts to correct. If you have any questions about this policy, please send them by electronic mail to the address info@etarti.com. Other This agreement, T.C. In accordance with law, shall be carried out without giving any legal contradictions. If any provision of this Agreement is illegal, invalid or unenforceable situation legally for any reason, then the substance will be considered removed from this agreement and shall not affect the validity of the remaining material and the feasibility from a legal perspective.


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