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Hopper Scales

LPi, Panel Tipi İndikatör, akıllı bir ağırlık kontrol cihazıdır.
Thanks to its high-speed measurement and decision-making mechanism, it offers an ideal solution for Hopper Scales. The system can be operated by itself or it is suitable for integrated operation with PC / PLC and operator panel. In case of bunker cover failure and error conditions, the flow is continued and continuity is ensured.

All scales in the field are integrated into control and control. Data is continuously processed and stored in database environment.


Hopper Scale Specifications

  • Fast and Slow Filling
  • Sequential and full fill working mode
  • Automatic Chute correction
  • Lower Flap Open and Fill Full Control Signals
  • Automatic evacuation modu
  • Current Weight, Totalizor and Flowrate informations
  • Can control flowrate for fix flow operations
  • Two different totalisors for data collections on every shifts, months or yearly totalisors
  • Can has a target filling for batch operaitons and stops automatically when target reached



Hopper Scale Tracing Software

The software has done specifically for the HopperScales. Supports RS232 / RS485 communication as well as Ethernet communication thanks to hybrid connectivity support. Provides the ability to monitor and record all data by connecting to all devices in the field. It provides user-friendly operation by tolerating connection failures with its secure infrastructure.

  • Current Weight, Flowrate, Totalisors
  • Current Flow/Total Ratios
  • Current Flow/Total Loss
  • Flowrate Graphics
  • Report for older records
  • Detailed monitoring and control of all data
    - Fast/Slow filling indicators
    - automatic /Manual Chute indicators
    - Digital Inputs indicators
    - Target/Fine Fill Settings monitoring
    - Sequential filling indicator
    - Filling counter display
    - Absolute Zero/Tare display
  • Ethernet/Serial Hybrit communication support
  • Customer Logo and title definitions on the printer
  • Communication status leds
  • Automatic communication
  • Field status information with information messages field
  • pdfETAHS User Manual