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L60 Panel Type Indicator & Controller



L60 Panel Type Indicator devices are designed to adapt to the industrial environment in many weight and force measurement systems, thanks to their tiny dimensions. It can be easily mounted on concrete power plants and existing panels. With its 45x115x47mm dimensions, it can be easily adapted to almost anywhere. It can transfer data to existing systems with RS485 standard modbus RTU communication. In addition, 0-10V output can be obtained without a hardware requirement, it can draw an external alarm relay.
Using a standard L60 controller, 1280Hz conversion speed can be optained and can be monitored. It can monitor real data graphics instantly, especially in system analysis and laboratories. Obtained data can monitor and recorded via our Dataviewer softwareComputer2

LPi_analog_in LPi_analog_out LPi_binary LPi_firmware-serial LPi_serial_232 LPi_serial-485 LPi_multiconnection
LPi_firmware-eCal LPi_firmware-CW LPi_firmware-CWD LPi_firmware-HS LPi_firmware-Batch LPi_temp LPi_ROHSII

pdfL60 Brochure

pdfL60 Quick Manual

pdfL60 Technical Manual


Calibration Procedure?

Working Mode Setup?


  • Dimensions; 45x115x47mm
  • Metal case
  • 6 digits, 14mm RED color LED Display
  • Easy Setup Menu
  • e-Cal, Calibration without Loading
  • 1pcs RS485 Communication Output
  • 1pcs RS232 Communication Output
  • Remote Display Output
  • 2pcs Relays Output
  • 2pcs Digital Inputs
  • 1pcs 0/10V, 1pcs 0/20mA Analog Outputs


  • Standard Panel Type Indicator 6 Controller(1/999.999)
  • bag Filling, Pan Filling, Ventilation Type Fill
  • Batch Control
  • Static Control (CW) Applications
  • Dynamic Belt Control (CW) Applications
  • Peak/Hold/Breakdown Tests


  • 4/20mA Analog Input Compatible
  • 5A Analog Input Compatible
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi


45x104x47mm Panel Mount Type Metallic Case



EtaLPi [Configuration Sotware]

Used to test and configure the L60 devices.


Upgrading Software

FW Upgrading sotware. Upgrading Software Download



Download upgrading stepsherepdf

Click here to get lates firmware revisions .