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LPi Panel Indicator / Filling Machines / Hopper Scales

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LPi is a smart Panel Indicator. It has very small form multi panel usages and has several output features already built-in and has optional features.

Dataviewer Computer2 software provides logging and graphical presentation captured from an LPI device. The communication interface may operate upto 3.840Hz for Custom applications.

LPi_analog_in LPi_analog_out LPi_binary LPi_firmware-serial LPi_serial_232 LPi_serial-485 LPi_multiconnection
LPi_firmware-eCal LPi_firmware-CW LPi_firmware-CWD LPi_firmware-HS LPi_firmware-Batch LPi_temp LPi_ROHSII

pdfLPi Brochure
pdfLPi User Manual


How to calibrate LPI?

How to change device working mode?


  • Dimensions; 100x100x40mm
  • Metal case
  • Easy use menu system
  • e-Cal, Electronic Calibration
  • 6 digit, 14mm red LED indicator
  • 1 RS232/485 Communication port
  • 1 RS232 Remote Display Output
  • 4 Relay Outputs
  • 4 Digital Inputs (opto-isolated)
  • Optional Ethernet Connection
  • Optional Profibus Output


  • Standart Weighing Panel Indicator (1/999.999)
  • Bag Filling, Valve Bag Filling, Ventil Filling Applications
  • Hopper Scales
  • Flowrate Control Applications
  • Static Check Weighing Applications
  • Dynamic Conveyor Check Weighing Applications
  • Batching Recipe, Mixing Material Applications
  • Powder Feeding Controllers/Flowscales
  • Losing Weight Applications
  • Impact Scale
  • Tension/BreakOut Test Machines


  • Binary Output. Selectable as BCD, Binary or Absolute from menu
  • 0/10V – 4/20mA Analogue Output.
  • ProfiNet *
  • Profibus *
  • Bluetooth *



Panel Mount Type 35x104x84mm metallic case


EtaLPi [Configuration Software]

Test and configuring software for LPi series devices.



Firmware Update

FW software is available for firmware update. Click here to download.



Click pdfhere to see firmware upgrading steps. 

Latest versions can be found here.