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LTR-2 Loadcell Transmitter

LTR2 TransmitterLTR2 Transmitter LTR-2 is a new generation Loadcell IO interface for smart devices like PLC or PC. It has designed with high speed and best filtering options via Modbus protocol. Offers ideal solutions for Filling, Static CW etc applications by using internaelay Outputs and Digital Inputs.
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pdfLTR2 User Manual
pdfLTR2 Technical Manual


The measurements, up to 960Hz speeds, can be read, monitor and logged by using graph2Data Viewer software. Also using the Modbus protocol weighing results can be read or setup via a PC or PLC.


  • Serial Output (Standart) : RS232 or RS485 jumper selectable up to 115200bps.
  • Serial Output (Standart) : RS232-Tx only for Remote Displays up to 11520bpsSerial.
  • Loadcell: 4 or 6 wire (sens correction) up to 12Loadcells with 350R, 36Loadcells with 1000R guage resistors.
  • ADC: 24bits resolution, up to 960Hz conversion rate.
  • Loadcell Excitation Voltage: 5V
  • Voltage Supply: 12-24V DC power supply
  • Relays: 4 pcs internal
  • Inputs: 4 pcs internal (opto-isolated)
  • Output: Optional Binary Output
  • Output: Optional Ethernet Output
  • Output: Optional Profibus Output



DinRail mount or fixed mounting kit selectable.